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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Business in Lviv

In order to have a good rest, have a good look and eat well every person need to make good money, but to make good money it is necessary to have a prestigious and important profession demanded.

And this question is really important not only in our days. People thought of him one hundred, two hundred, even five hundred years ago. But what we have to consider when we are choosing a future profession?

Certainly, in addition to the talents and abilities of every person you must pay attention to the region in which the person lives. If your city has an outlet to the sea, then surely it employs a large number of sailors and other professionals this industry.

If your city has mine, then there will be the miners there, and if there is a huge space station, and even most that there are real astronauts. But what kind of profession needs a tourist city and what workers really in demand in the city-legend, the history of which crossed more than six centuries long?

As we know, the geographical location of Lviv at the crossroads of many trade routes has always attracted traders here from different corners of the earth. Because of this out city has always been very multinational and in the heart of the city, near the Rynok Square there are lots of streets with interesting names - Armenian Street, where is the Armenian Cathedral, Serbian street, which today attracts visitors our extraordinary "Masoch cafe".

Our company Arendaplus strongly recommends you during a visit to our city, whether it is a business trip or a vacation, be careful to choose the apartment in the center of the city to feel the full flavor of Lviv. We will make sure to choose for you the best apartments in Lviv apartments for rent in lviv without intermediaries on competitive price.

But note that in Lviv gathered not only traders, but many craftsmen. In the Middle Ages, they were united in separate workshops, each with its own management and order. Their number increased rapidly, and if in the 14th century in Lviv was initially only 4 workshops, then in fifty years they became 10, and another fifty - 20. The most numerous shops in Lviv were tailors, tinsmiths and watchmakers. We are proud to add that Lviv shops have always been considered the most exemplary, always takes with them an example of masters from other cities.

Another specialty was large... sellers of vodka! Every citizen of Lviv had the right to produce and sell this invigorating drink in a radius of three miles from the city center. First, this business does not bring more income, and therefore was not very popular, but then the demand for vodka grew, and it became a profitable occupation.

The best vodka was considered "tsitvarka" very good - "ganusovka" and dear - "saharovka" and "adamashovka." Another was vodka made on citrus and cinnamon. It is hard to believe, but in Lviv were made even wine! Vineyards grow on the modern street Lysenko, near High Castle - the highest point of the city, which today is a viewing platform for tourists, visiting card of the city and just a romantic place. Unfortunately, Lviv grapes were not very good quality, because of the lack of sun, and soil in the city is far from the seaside.

And then, local entrepreneurs have come up with another miracle drink - mead.

Mead is made from the natural honey without any impurities brewed vodka, sometimes could add berries for a prescription. Then the beverage was poured into barrels and buried them in the ground that is not on the drums burst hoops. Mead maintained in the ground for several years, and only after that it was bottled and displayed for sale.

Still, the biggest profits in the alcohol business, gave the city a beer. If you still doubt that Lviv beer can compete with European, imagine that it previously transported into the "beer" country - Bavaria. He drove to a few weeks, and it is not even the port in such a long way.

In addition to various "adult" beverages people in Lviv have always made the most delicious chocolate. Talented masters continue this craft today. You will not have enough time in a week to enjoy all the city treats and drink Lviv beer and mead.

I would like you to be able to rent an apartment in Lviv on a daily basis, in the center of Lviv. Our site Arendaplus invites you to stay in Lviv as long as possible to score many good memories.

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