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Apartments booking:
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For happiness chocolate

One of the most beloved children's treats and the most common women's whims is chocolate. A gourmet dessert is no better than the tile of dark chocolate after a good hearty meal.

Although there is a perception that this product is not very useful for the body, but it’s not true. There are some nutrients in chocolate. This is primarily a substance from the group of flavonoids, which are also have the red wine and grapes. They are very good for the heart and blood vessels.

What makes chocolate so attractive? Surely its variety, flavor and those pleasant childhood memories that remain for each adult and always associated with chocolate. After all, some time ago there wasn’t such a large selection of sweets, like today, and sweet goodies we cold indulge except on holidays. That's why chocolate has always been for us a symbol of the holiday.

A symbol-city of chocolate in Ukraine has always been our favorite city Lviv. Only here good skilled craftsmen have revived the ancient recipes of chocolate skills. In the old days, when there was such a variety of chocolate products like today, it is operated in Lviv and is now serving the Chocolate Factory "Svitoch."

Every year Lviv celebrate a Day of chocolate, which invited all comers.

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This year the Feast of chocolate will be from 16 to 18 October in the Palace of Arts on the street Kopernika, 17.

chocolate festival in Lviv, apartment rentalexhibition of chocolate in Lviv

At the festival you can visit the various workshops with cooking chocolate to taste different varieties and new flavors of this divine delicacy, visit the huge chocolate fair where you can buy even chocolate candles!

You can also enjoy a variety of recipes for baked hot chocolate and see with your own eyes how the skillful hands of craftsmen transform piles of chocolate in these sculptures.

Children will be able to make candies in a special studio - Children's chocolate country, and will operate the Chocolate railway where the chocolate train will ride in which all cars will also be made frome chocolate.

But adults can discover their talents, competing in the Best homemade pastry and get attractive prizes. We are really pleased to welcome you in this year's festival and we promise to create for you an unforgettable atmosphere.

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