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Pearl of the Carpathians

A day trip in Lviv region with a visit to the most interesting places to raise your spirits and fill the memories of what he saw.

travel plan:

- Departure from Lviv (09:00) - Rozhirche (review Monastery) - Kamenka (review the waterfall) - Urich (review of the fortress and the museum and lunch) - Lviv (return at 20:30).

Date: Sunday.

On you expect:


Many people think that the Carpathian regions of the plains to the village Skole have nothing special and interesting except Tustan. But in fact, in this area there is a very interesting village Rozhirche.

Unfortunately, not preserved any specific data about the fate of more ancient times. Only a few references at the end of the 15th century and a few historians research. Guided by them we can assume that in 1990 the remains of an ancient settlement dating back to 7-8 century BC have been found here. It is known that the complex was used as a monastery. When the 1200's Tatars burned Kiev, a few monks who survived have overcome more than 600 km and reached these lands. Here they decided to settle down, and the researchers believe hollowed out several rooms in the rocks.

The rock complex consists of two parts - the main with the premises in the rock, and two smaller rocks. These rocks form a narrow passage on the slopes and were by some gates. From the gate the path leads to the main rock.

In Stryi valley is located the village itself Rozhirche. There once reserves of mineral water were found, drilled wells and built a small plant that poured the water.

Kamianiec waterfall.

Carpathian Kamenka River Valley is a true natural wonder. In this valley within a relatively small area there is a number of natural sites (waterfalls, cliffs, caves, mineral springs), which are both aesthetically pleasing tourist and scientific value. The very same river Kamenka for a few hundred meters takes place between skalnoobraznoy picturesque valley with steep rocky shores.

There are several waterfalls in the river bed. The largest waterfall has a height of more than 5 meters. This waterfall is one unique feature - to him a paved road from the highway. This led to his enormous popularity.


The walled city, known as Tu Stan , it was founded by an old Slavic tribe of white Croats, who lived in the foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Its historical and cultural value reaches IX-XIII centuries, even when there was the first Ukrainian state - Kievan Rus.

As a city-fortress Tustan defending the western borders of Europe from attacks by hostile hordes. Located in the middle of the Sino-Portuguese "Silk Road", the city is also served by the customs post and provides a lot of merchants and merchants to a safe place to sleep. During archaeological excavations at the site Tustan Arab coins were found - dirham (or AED), which have been in circulation in the IX-XI century.

With Tustan can not be compared one fortress in the history of architecture. Its unique wooden structure directly connected to the rocky slopes, reaching a height of about 80 meters. The exhibition at the local museum are a few graphic illustrations of the various stages of construction of the city-fortress. These illustrations reflect the 4000 sci-identified and documented grooves and cut outs on the slopes of the cliff. Over the years the castle has gone through five stages of recovery. It gradually moved from a one-story to the five-story building. Tustan role gradually diminished through economic, political and military circumstances of the time. Today Tustan - it is a state historical and cultural reserve and venue of the festival of Ukrainian medieval culture "Tu Stan", where you can hear good music, see medieval duel and take part in various entertainment.


Breakfast - it is desirable to take a sandwich to eat during the bus stops.

Lunch will take place in the caf? "Parents' House" in s. Urich. We offer a selection of boykivskih dishes: soup with Knyshov, cabbage salad, boiled potatoes, kruchenyky with mushrooms, compote. The cost of 55 USD. Approximate time for lunch: 15: 30-16: 00. You can also dine their own food or order dishes field kitchen in tents near the rocky fortress "Tustan".

Ticket Cost:

• Kamenka Falls National Park "Skolivski Beskid": adults - 10 UAH / person, children under 14 years - 5 UAH / person, children under 10 years - b / n;..

• rocky fortress "Tustan": a single ticket to the museum and nature reserve - 15 UAH. adults, 10 UAH. Students put pensioners.

Price of the tour - 160 UAH. Prices are subject to change.

You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website website

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