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Apartments booking:
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Gutsulka Ksenya

The two-day educational tour of the Carpathians, which will expand your horizons, to cheer up and leave in your memory a lot of good memories.

travel plan:

1 day (Saturday): departure from Lviv (8:00) - Manyava (monastery tour) - Yaremche (lunch, tour and buy souvenirs) - Tatariv (Accommodation in the hotel at 19:30, Hutsul fun).

Day 2 (Sunday): Breakfast and check-out (8:00) - Verkhovyna (tour) - Kryvorivnia (tour) - Pistin - Kolomiya (tour and lunch) - Lviv (return at 22:30).

On await you:

- Familiarity with the history, customs and culture of one of the most interesting ethnic groups of the world - hutsuly;

- The best dishes Hutsul cuisine;

- The most outstanding historical and natural attractions edge: Hutsul temples, waterfalls, rivers, picturesque Carpathian landscapes, Hutsul museum, meeting with the holy Mykolaem;

- Exhibition and sale of craft items Gucul'schini: wood carving, weaving, lischinopletenie, embroidery, musical instruments, Eggs, cheese toys;

- And the unforgettable "Hutsul fun" with musicians, dancing, singing and delicious Hutsul dishes.

Price of the tour:. 540 UAH / person.

The price includes: transportation by comfortable bus euroclass, accommodation, maintenance-speaking guide, excursions to museums, travel insurance.

Not included and to be paid extra: entrance fees to museums, meals, participation in Hutsul fun.

Ticket Cost:

- Museum of Hutsul household and musical instruments Roman Kumlyk (adults and students - 20 UAH, children -. 10 UAH.)

- Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" (adult - 20 UAH, students and children -. 10 UAH.)

- Museum "Hutsul grazhda" (adults and students - 10 UAH, children -. 5 UAH.)

- Literary-Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko (adults - 10 UAH, children and students -. 5 UAH.)

- It is the Holy Mykola (adult 10 UAH, children and students -. 5 UAH.)

- The National Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttya them. Josaphat Kobrin (adults - 20 UAH, students -. 15 UAH, children -. 10 UAH.)

- Museum of Pysanka (adults - 10 UAH, students -. 5 UAH, children -. 3 UAH.).

Location: Hotel in seconds. Tatariv, comfortable 2, 3, 4 bed rooms with in-room amenities.

Power: dinner on Fri - Hutsul dishes in the restaurant m Yaremche, dinner on Sat in the framework of the "Hutsul fun" (see below), and breakfast in the Sun - hotel, dinner at Su - Hutsul dishes in the restaurant. m. Coloma.

Hutsul FUN!

To fully know the Hutsul, their manners, customs, cuisine invite you to at Hutsul fun. During the fun you expect to:

- Dishes Hutsul cuisine: banush, burinik, cheese, buzhinina, Kolach with honey.
- Singing and dancing from the Hutsul Chapel "Dovbushova Taistra";
- Master classes of Hutsul dances: Coloma, Gutsulka, Sudarca;
- Hutsul songs, Coloma, songs of the Carpathians;
- Initiation into hutsuly;
- And dance, dance, dance the fiery Hutsul music.

Cost Hutsul dinner and participate in the fun - 120 UAH.
The cost of participation in the fun without dinner - 70 UAH.

DATE of: Saturday - Sunday. Prices may vary slightly.

You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website page

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