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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Truskavets resort

If we look at the map of roads and railwaysof Lviv region, it is easy to note how from different sides they all lead to Truskavets - a widely known balneological resort.

From the north, a lively 110-km highway from Lviv leads here, and from the east and west - roads which pass through Sambir and Stryi. The all-union health resort is connected with the bus routes to almost all regional centers of Ukraine. In 1995, a bus station with the capacity of 300 passengers was introduced here, later it was partially modernized.

The fast trains, which have wagons of no-transitional connection with Moscow, Kyiv every day come to the city and go in different directions. A day train and buses run between the resort and the regional center a few times a day.

The bus station is a kind of city gates. Here comes a bus which, having approached Truskavets, stopped on a hill. And there it is before you, as on the palm - the panorama of Truskavets. The four hundred years old oaks approach the road, as if welcoming you. The houses and resort buildings shine with their broad windows here and there.

And far away the blue peaks of the Carpathians reach the sun - only six to ten kilometers to the south of Truskavets rise mountains Belieiev (775 m above sea level), Bobovishche (878 m) and Tsiukhov (942 m). Their soft contours as if drowning in a trembling translucent haze.

Truskavec freely stretched on numerous hills and valleys, painted with quiet streets, wide avenues. From the two sides it is surrounded by hills (Yatskova hill, Horodyshche, the Stone hill and others). The whole town resembles a large park. In addition, on the north-western side the picturesque Lypky tract is adjacent to it, and on the south - Pomiarky forest, where a small lake is hidden.

No less contrasting is the relief of the city suburbs. There are many green hills and river valleys. From here begin rivers Tysmenytsia, Vorotyshche, Ulichanka, which belong to the Dniester basin.

The climate of Truskavets is typical for the Eastern Carpathians: sufficiently warm summer, relatively mild winter, early spring, dry and warm autumn. The most warm and sunny days are in July-August; the average monthly air temperature is +20°С. December and January are sometimes quite cold, but their average temperature is never below -15° С.

The annual precipitation, according to local weather station ranges from 700 to 1200 mm. And even though in some years the number of days with precipitation in Truskavets reaches nearly 180, the climate is mild, with no sharp fluctuations in temperature and atmospheric pressure. In addition, the winds have almost no effects on the city (their speed during all seasons here is small).

From all over the country, as well as from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Asian and African countries people come to Truskavets for healing, especially in summer, when the surrounding forests put on their rich green clothing, in the valleys there is the blue flood of blossoming flax.

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The quiet and thoughtful autumn comes to change summer. The spiderweb weaves in the air, the sun warms gently. The autumn atmosphere of Truskavets, put in the language of doctors, can be called a state of physical comfort.
Winter is the shortest season in the Carpathians. In December, the snow falls, and the bare trees stand quietly, as if hiding. The frost will strike, but not for long. The sun comes out already and the thaw begins.

It is impossible not to admire Truskavets spring, when the mountains wake up from their winter dreams, the voiced flows revive, the gardens dress up in white color. The sky glows with blue, the light wind gusts spread the subtle scent of Carpathian spruces.

The unique beauty of nature here contributed to the creation of favorable conditions for spa treatment, recreation of workers, mass tourism.
Come to Truskavets any time of the year. Here you will always be met friendly, welcoming, you will be told interesting stories about the city. And if you want to know more about the history of Truskavets, its development and prosperity during the Soviet period and today, be sure to visit the resort museum (Sichovykh Striltsiv square, 2), which was opened to the 60th anniversary of the USSR.

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