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Royal Arsenal in Lviv

Opposite and slightly diagonally from the church of the Carmelites, across a broad boulevard, which is located in the place of the city ramparts, the arsenal building is located, which is called, unlike the city one, the Royal arsenal (today - the refional archive, Pidvalna str., 13).

It was built in 1639-1646 by a military engineer and architect Pavlo Hrodzytskyi, who had received education in Holland and served in the rank of general of artillery as the commandant of the Lviv fortress. Similar to arsenals in Krakow and Warsaw, built by the same P. Hrodzytskyi, in Lviv arsenal the city weapon stock was was held, there also were shop for casting bells and cannons.

It is probably hard to find in Lviv a more valuable monument of XVII century civil architecture. Unfortunately, the building loses a bit from its close neighborhood with the community of the Dominican church. Both buildings lack air and space around them.

The mere purpose of this military establishment determined the clarity, simplicity and austerity of the architectural image, rejection of ostentatious luxury and lush decor. At the same time, the arsenal building is free from the dry rationalism of the official buildings; it pleases the eye with its easiness and original elegance.

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central entrance to the arsenal, apartment rental in Lviv

The basis of the main, southern facade is a ground floor with simple arched portal, framed by powerful rustication. Above the portal, there are muzzles of two stone - and not threatening at all - cannons.

The second tier is converted to an open loggia, the arcade of which is divided by the paired pilasters of the Tuscan Order. Until recently, the arcade was walled-up with stonework, in 1953 it was dismantled, and the arsenal had gotten back its original appearance. Above the loggia, the third tier rises - a typical baroque shield with a triangular pediment, balcony, two vases on the sides, volutes and scrolls.

balcony view of the arsenal, apartments in the center of Lviv for daily rentrear entrance to the arsenal, rent an apartment in Lviv

In the plan, the arsenal forms an elongated horizontally letter P. The side wings frame on both sides a small courtyard, separated from the street by bars. An extended eastern facade faces the yard; the ground floor stands as a terrace. In the center, there is a luxurious, somewhat weighty and massive, but very spectacular baroque portal, resolved boldly, juice, imaginatively.

Elements of classical Doric order, filled with military attributes, are combined here with forms of baroque architecture: the powerful scrolls of volutes, mascarons, rusticated cuts and so on. Once, a beautiful bronze group "Archangel Michael, striking Satan", skillfully cast in 1639 by Lviv armourer Kaspar FRank, was above the portal.

Now this creation is preserved in the Historical museum. In the image of a young knight, in the interpretation of a charming in his naive authenticity of Satan-dragon, the inherent in early Renaissance epoch spirit of vitality and uninhibited creative art can be felt.

On each side of the portal there are three windows, decorated with triangular pediments and large, energetic rustication. Window openings of the second floor, separated from the lower by a highly developed cornice, processed with lighter and more sophisticated means.

Only a few people reain indifferent to this wonderful part of the old Lviv, covered from the passers with a green wall of trees and bushes - there is so much beauty and unique flavor of authenticity in it!

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