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Lviv in the early twentieth century

During the capitalism period, Lviv did not become the center of large-scale industry.

Here establishment of different buildings of production purposes was done: related to development of transport railway workshops and warehouses, tram depots, plants and factories.

Articles about Lviv at all periods of its existence is one of the major subjects of our website.

In the early twentieth century in this sphere reinforced concrete has became widely used. One of the oldest examples of industrial architecture are established in 1890s in a rational "brick" style buildings of first city power station and tram depot, located on the intersection of Dzerzhynskoho (today it's Vitovskoho) and Suvorova (today Sakharova) streets.

Interesting architectural decisions can be seen on the power station of early XX cent. on Kozelnytska street, the house of Bachevskyi alcoholic beverage company on B. Khmelnytskoho street, today used by the Production Association "Almazinstrument", buildings of joint stock brewery plant on the Kleparivska street (now it is the Production Association "Lviv Brewery").

In the early XX cent. Lviv already was a big capitalist city, the spontaneous growth and private land ownership of which have led to significant complications in the development of public transport, placing a number of industrial enterprises in residential areas, a sharp social differentiation of the urban environment. The rapid development of building contributed to a certain leveling of the bright artistic image of the middle nucleus, which then dissolved in the mass of the multi-storey buildings, by which it was surrounded.

At the same time, the formation of capitalism period architecture has left us some extraordinary examples of urban art, beautiful parks, squares and urban landscaping elements. Due to the development of mass industrial building, the system of engineering networks became developed,and the value of architecture masterpieces, which have reflected the stylistic periods of European architecture, became even more obvious during past 20-25 years.

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Today, Lviv residents value Lviv's history, its architecture, they desire to renovate the whole historical center and attract to Lviv the attention of new tourists.

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In XIX - early XX cent. construction of a number of central streets, which has some traits of the urban ensembles, was done. Among them, for example, are Svobody and Shevchenka prospects, which connect some squares, the areas of Valova, Kniazia Romana, Saksahanskoho, S. Krushelnytskoi, Lystopadovoho Chynu, S. Bandery, Chuprynky, Vitovskoho, Sakharova and some other streets.

Today, the architects and historians, as well as the Lviv scientific community closely study the building of XIX - early XX cent., take stock of it and detect the best buildings, which are worth saving and being guarded by the state.

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