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Architecture in Lviv

At different stages of formation of the city's architecture has always given due attention. In architecture, business and shopping facilities in Lviv early twentieth century no bold innovative solutions inherent in the large cities of Europe.

Ousted from the Market Square Marketplace trade moved to the area of ??the Galician and the Krakow area, as well as in the area of ??St. George's Cathedral, scene of the world-famous holiday fairs.

Perhaps the way of a stable home caused the spread of small retail businesses that are located in fixed premises in the central streets of the city.

Planning for such stores characterized occupancy rooms with access to the main facade of the trading floors and outbuildings - in the yard, where the goods were delivered.

In order to describe at least half of Lviv historical building, not enough for an entire book. But no words are no substitute for live impressions of the city, so the site arendaplus offer - apartment in Lviv offers to spend a fabulous weekend in the ancient Lviv.

On peculiarities of the architectural design of salesrooms late nineteenth century shows the interior of the surviving confectionery shops on Prospect Shevchenko, 12, interior of the pharmacy at the Mickiewicz Square, 8, as well as the trading hall of the museum, a pharmacy on the street Stavropigiyskoy 1.

In the early twentieth century in the area of ??today's Liberty Avenue - the main street - there is a number of shopping malls. One of them is preserved in a converted form on Mickiewicz Square, 5.

The transformation of Lviv into the main transport hub of the Western lands led to the construction of one of the largest in the Austro-Hungarian railway stations. Innovative for the time of construction is traditional for the period of eclectic neo-Renaissance form.

Significant among the public buildings also occupied schools, because in the professional training needs has led to an increase in schools and colleges.

Despite this, the then education does not cover all school-age children. Middle and high schools were available mostly natives of the elite, and the teaching of the language of the indigenous Ukrainian population was carried out in only one state and one private school.

The internal organization of schools and high schools had a rational planning of the corridor system associated with the peculiarities of the construction site. The facades of these buildings were quite diverse. Of the four available in the early twentieth century, universities high architectural qualities different set of Lviv Polytechnic National University, which is located on the street Stepan Bandera.

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This complex consists of a main three-storey buildings for engineering, construction and mechanical departments and located him a chemistry lab.

The main building of Lviv Polytechnic National University was established in the late Renaissance forms, distinguished by its good proportions. The value attached to the higher technical educational institutions, stressed rich architectural decoration of the lobby with grand staircase and assembly hall decorated with paintings on the theme of human development.

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