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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Disadvantage of housing in Lviv in the twentieth century

The growth of the population of Lviv in the early twentieth century led to significant quantitative and qualitative changes in the sphere of housing construction.

Housing becomes a commodity character, it becomes a source of great profit.

And now, in the 21st century, those wishing to rent an apartment house is not reduced in Lviv, our site will provide you with the opportunity to rent an apartment in Lviv for a long term apartments.

The leading type it becomes a multi-storey building with rooms intended for hire. individual houses are also being built - the mansions and palaces.

The development of the education system, the concentration of military units, the growth of population mobility have caused the spread of buildings for temporary accommodation - dormitories, barracks, hotels.

Despite the large amount of construction, in those days, many people felt very acute shortage of housing. However, in the city center with comfortable apartments excessive compaction construction supplanted greenery and fresh air, this worsening living conditions.

Profitable homes in Lviv are descended from medieval stone.

In the nineteenth century due to increased fire safety requirements implemented their mass reconstruction.

The device isolated in separate volumes of staircases, construction yard wings contributed to the transformation of the old houses in the apartment. Lessons in yards and combined into a vertical block toilets connected with living quarters and apartments through open balconies - galleries. Growth in the value of urban land led to the fourth floor of the superstructure.

At the same time the old facades acquire a new architectural look. Between classicism they are inherent symmetrical compositional structure, the use of warrants, sculptures and allegorical reliefs and monumental character. One of the earliest manifestations of Classicism in Lviv are the facades of buildings in the Market Square.

There was a special type of cooperative structures that combine the functions of a public building and a residential building profitable. This character has a large three-storey house in the center of Lviv, which belonged to one of the first financial institutions in Lviv - Galitsky zemskoe credit society. His premises were rented on a long lease to various administrative agencies and offices, and residents were given daily rental housing in Lviv.

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