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Historical Museum in Lviv

Lion City is rich not only for its ancient architecture, interesting streets and charming parks and unique museums.

One of them is the Lviv History Museum. A small collection of this museum consists of archival materials, municipal and guild monuments, gifts of individuals, etc.

Our site "houses apartments Rent Lviv Morshyn Truskavets Skhodnitsa" will help you not only to rent an apartment in Lviv, near the Museum of rent an apartment in lviv cheap apartments, but also to visit this unique museum.

Incidentally, the first location of the Historical Museum of the city was a small room in the house archival bureau City Hall.

Own House Historical Museum received when the magistrate has acquired a unique architectural monument of the XVI century for him - Black house on Market Square, 4.

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The structure of the stock assembly of the museum collection includes some of the former Lviv's museums, including the Museum of Princes Lubomirski name, the Museum of Science Society. Shevchenko Museum Stauropegion Institute. And after a while the museum once again changed his house - his old building was handed over to the Market Square, 24, in a former municipal arsenal.

What interesting things can be seen in this museum and why we, the site arendaplus advise all guests of Lviv to visit this place? First, a unique equity museum collection, numbering more than 330 thousand. Museum objects. Of these, 32 are formed equity group. This includes a huge collection of archaeological monuments, numismatics, graphics, medals, paintings, manuscripts and early printed books. Second, the exhibition and the museum exhibition visiting every year about 400 thousand. Visitors, which demonstrates the interest and popularity of the exhibits of the museum.

Thanks to valuable collections of the Museum became known in many countries around the world. Shows or individual museum exhibits were in Krakow, Warsaw, Vienna, Prague, Paris, London, New York and other cities.

That is why the Lviv History Museum can be called a real treasure of the national cultural heritage of both Ukraine and many European nations.

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