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Apartments booking:
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The luxurious Lviv

The ancient city of Lviv has always welcomed travelers and tourists.

In the second half of the nineteenth century in the heart of the city we created a lot of new parks, boulevards, landscaped streets, and in the suburbs - a number of new parks, the largest of which were Stryiskyi, Lychakivskiy Iron and Water.

Beautiful park - Stryi. It was founded the city experienced gardener Polish origin. The basis of the composition of the park there is a small artificial pond with swans. Most of the laid out in landscape style, imitating the beauty of wildlife. East increased the outskirts of the park was used for the Regional Industrial Exhibition.

Today Stryi park - one of the favorite places of Lviv residents themselves. And on weekends you can see and brides who are always photographed in the park.

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In addition to an attractive park in Lviv there and the city center.

An important place in the history of urban planning in Lviv took characteristic of all major cities in the formation of a new center of city.

In the twentieth century tended to go beyond the center of the old town. During the gubernatorial shafts occur representative quarters, which housed the residence of the governor and the Catholic Archbishop, as well as large public building Government House, Lviv.

However, large public action was Poltva overlap and creating a new channel along the front line. It combines Theatrical Square, Adam Mickiewicz, Galician, Bernardine and Academic.

In the center of Lviv, we can always offer you rent an apartment in Lviv at your discretion and your abilities.

Along the highway hosted a number of public buildings - theaters, casinos, museums, banks, hotels, department stores and several sculptural monuments, among which the high artistic merit distinguished monument to the great Polish poet and leader of the national liberation movement of the Adam Mickiewicz.

Tight production buildings and their scale, successful placement on the main planning axis of the monumental construction of a new city theater - all helped create a characteristic for Lviv Chamber of architectural space, had the features of a certain unity, in spite of the stylistic diversity of some buildings.

The absence of a common program of Lviv has caused sharp criticism. Due to the urgent need for the development of city development plans for the Congress of Architects in Krakow raised the question of the organization of the Department of Urban Development at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute.

Outlined a program for street landscaping and park expansion arrays, we were to form a single outer green belt. It was assumed the device ring highways that connected the radial direction of the streets.

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All this happened, and so today Lviv - one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine.

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