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The Church of St. Valentine in Navarro

The history of Valentine's church in Navarro - Pustomystovskogo village area, located a few kilometers from the southern part of the city.

Its territory is designed by Bernard Meretin church, whose fate reflects the historical events in Ukraine.

It is known that the Roman Catholic parish existed in Navarro in the first third of the XVII century. Built with wooden church in the 20-ies. the same century, was destroyed during the Tatar invasion.

After a decade of building remodeled wiped out the fire. In 1641-1645 gg. church was built of stone. Financial assistance Philistine Elizabeth Gumnitskaya.

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The church was consecrated in the year of completion of construction of Andrey Sredzinskim, assistant bishop of the city. However, the shrine was destined to survive only until 1648 because Navarro did not escape the Khmelnytsky uprising and subsequent civil war.

After going through a harsh period, the population has decided to restore the church. Also in the XVII century it became the sanctuary of St. Valentine, because this is where the relics of the patron saint of couples.

In 1739 the building was demolished in connection with the possibility of collapse. And nine years later Bernard Meretyn built a new church in the Baroque style, finishing the work which carried out until 1774 to deal with them Stroinski Martin and Antonio Tavella. During the consecration, Archbishop Vaclav Sierakowski temple named in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In 1946 the church was closed at the initiative of the state leadership. Part of the property has been sent to Poland. Until 1991, the shrine is a repository for grain, the warehouse to the skin, easy to empty. In 1992, the church was consecrated. Currently, all finishing and repair work has been completed, so everyone can familiarize himself with its architecture and interior decoration.

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