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Christmas Transcarpathia

Date: December 30 - January 1

travel plan:

-1 Day: departure from Lviv (8:00)
Pilipec (review the waterfall Burrs, lunch, climb on the chair lift up the mountain Guimba, sledging and skiing)
Kelechyn (set of unique mineral water) - Iza (exhibition and sale of products of the vine)
Chetfalva (overnight in the Hungarian estates of rural tourism, settlement at 20:00).
-2 Day: Breakfast and check-out (8:00)
Uzhgorod (tour of the city, the castle and lunch)
Beregovo (swimming in a thermal pool, wine tasting)
Chetfalva - (Christmas Fun).
Day 3:
Chetfalva (breakfast, lunch, an overview of the temples)
Mukachevo (tour of the castle and lunch)
Sanatorium Carpathians (tour of the palace Sch?nborn)
Lviv (returning at 22:00).

On await you:
• incredible "Christmas Fun" in a unique village Chetfalva;
• acquaintance with the history, customs and culture of Transcarpathia;
• Best dishes Carpathian cuisine;
• the most famous historical attractions of the edge: the historic center and Uzhgorod castle, palace Schonborn, Mukachevo Castle, the wonderful wooden churches;
• covered with snow peaks and the panorama of the Carpathians, Burrs waterfall, swimming in the thermal pool;
• resumption of beauty and strength with the help of medicinal waters "Source of Beauty" and the unique water "kelechinskaya" that has no analogues in the world;
• tasting of the best vintage wines of Transcarpathia in the ancient wine cellars and private owners Beregovo district;
• Well, usually snowballs, sledges, skis and other winter euphoria.


New Year celebration is in three parts.

1. Gala dinner with Hungarian masters. Menu:

• Cold snacks, rolls, steaks, chops;
• potato salad (like Olivier), salad, pickles, peppers, etc .;
• Hungarian broth (from chigoy - homemade noodles);
• Disney p?rk?lt (pork stew with paprika) with two home and traditional garnishes nokedli Torgon);
• wine, palinka, mineral water.

2. Musical entertainment action:
Starting at 23: 00-23: 30 in the national house where breakfast buffet with sweets, brandy, wine, mineral water. At 24:00 - Ukrainian meeting of the New Year. 1:00 - Transcarpathian meeting of the New Year.
Entertain guests folklore ensemble of folk instruments "Kokosh" and pop band "Tissa" New Year's program, folk songs, dances, fun. All wishing to learn to dance the czardas.

3. Happy foods:
The hosts name guests about 3:00 to try special dishes that are cooked only on New Year's Eve, and those who try them are healthy and happy New Year.
- Korgellevsh (homemade sausage, sauerkraut with meat, seasoned with sour cream and red pepper)
- Hurka home and homemade sausages with mashed potatoes,
- Chelomad (special Christmas salad).

According to the Carpathian tradition on New Year's do not prepare foods from poultry, because the bird back rows, ie rake the happiness of the home and is made from pork, because the pig-nosed forward rakes happiness in the house.

No tax:. 1400 UAH / person.

The price includes: transportation by comfortable bus, accommodation (two nights), New Year's fun (program, food, beverages, including alcoholic), dinner in the 1st day, breakfast on the 2nd day, breakfast-lunch 3 th day of, support-speaking guide, excursions to museums, travel insurance.

Not included and to be paid extra: entrance fees to museums, castles, swimming in a thermal pool, lunch in the 1 st and 2 nd day, wine tasting, climbing on chairlift.

• Burrs Falls (total - 3 UAH, students - b / n.);
• the rise in the chair, cable car up the mountain Guimba (total - 30 UAH on both sides, children up to 10 years - 15 UAH on both sides.);
• Uzhhorod Castle: total - 15 UAH, the student - 10 UAH, children - UAH 5;
• thermal pool in Beregovo (. Total - 50 UAH / hour, and children under 13 years - 10 UAH / hour);
• Wine tasting (40 UAH / person, tour without the use of wine 20 UAH / person);
• Mukachevo castle (general and student - 10 UAH, students - 5 UAH);
• area Sch?nborn castle (total - UAH 8, students - 4 UAH.).
Accommodation and food: Accommodation takes place in comfortable Hungarian estates of rural green tourism Chetfalva village (Berehove area), numbers 2 and 3-seater with amenities.

Lunch at the 1st day - takes place in a restaurant in boykovskom Piliptse. Lunch at the 3rd day - takes place in the city of Mukachevo in the "Riviera" restaurant.

You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website site

A detailed description of the excursion objects

Here is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine - Burrs that from a height of 15 meters many stunning cascades between rocks andezinovymi dumps water in a picturesque mountain valley. The waterfall originates from a large underground source, the so-called "Marine Eye", in one of the most beautiful places of the Ukrainian Carpathians - a mountain valley Borzhava. Burrs Activity around time makes a break from civilization and gives new vitality.
Iza. Basket weaving capital of Ukraine, passing through the village, you can purchase a variety of souvenirs made of twigs, from simple household to real works of art.
Chetfalva. The village is on Beregovo, which are unique temples: Protestant (XV cent.) And Catholic (XXI century.).
Uzhgorod. The first mention of this ever-border town on the river Oh, dates back to the year 872, it enchants with its charm and color, even the most exacting tourist. Stroll the historic streets of the city - Korzo, be sure to check the most famous temple city Catedralny Hrestovozdvizhensky Cathedral (1841r.), The Roman church of St. katolitsky. George (1775r.), Check one of the oldest castle in Ukraine (XIV cent.), Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Skansen) and be sure to please come to the cult tavern "Detsa in Notarya".
Beregovo. If you want to feel like in another country where the majority of people do not understand Ukrainian, Russian and English, clearly you need in the Hungarian capital of Ukraine - Berehove. It is a city prepared for guests Gothic church of All Saints (1370r.), Church reformers (XV cent.), "Count the yard" - the manor Prince Bethlen (1629r.), Stately home of the Imperial Court (1908r.) And a casino "Golden peahen". But the greatest charm is unique pools with thermal water, which rises from the depth of 1600 m. And cures 86 diseases analogues it is only in New Zealand.
Mukachevo. How would you not approached Mukachevo, tens of kilometers away, in the single peaked hill, like a magnet attracts you covered with legends and military glory Mukachevo castle "Palanok" (XIV cent.). This outstanding military medieval architectural monument was built to protect and control trade and military routes. Some sources say that in the IX-X Art. on the hill was a small fortification was built to protect the borders of Kievan Rus of the Carpathians. He built the castle Russian prince Fyodor Koryatovych and turned it into his residence. The castle walls remember his defender Ilona Zrinyi, which showed miracles of courage and heroism during the defense of the castle.
Sanatorium Carpathians. Among Carpathian scenic mountains lies one of the most beautiful and most romantic castles of the country, as if in a fairy tale invites you hunting lodge graphs Sch?nborn (1890r.). He looks at you, 365 windows, inviting over 12 entries in 52 rooms. The castle surrounded by a beautiful park with many exotic plants.

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