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Fair in Sorochintsy, tour

Tour Date: (Friday-Sunday)

On await you:

-1 Day (Friday): departure from Lviv (19:00) - the night moving bus in Poltava region.
-2 Day (Saturday): Birch Rudka - Mgar - Sorochintsy (arrival at 15:00 - settlement, dinner, review the fair).
-3 Day (Sunday): Gogolev - Opishnya - Dikanka - Poltava (tour and lunch) - night crossing to Lviv (return on Monday at 11:00 am).

Tour cost:

a) - 645 UAH / person, accommodation in your own tent in the camp of the festival;.
b) - 745 UAH / person, accommodation in rural green estates Sorochintsy (2, 3, 4 bed rooms, toilet and shower in the courtyard)..

The price includes: transportation by comfortable bus, dwelling, maintenance-speaking guide, excursions to museums, travel insurance.

Additional charges: tickets to museums, food.

Ticket Cost:

• Berezovorudkovsky Museum of Local History (general and student - 10 UAH, pensioners and students - 5 UAH..);
• The State Museum M.Gogolya (general and pensioners - 15 USD, students and pupils - 10 UAH..);
• National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in reserve Opishnya (total - UAH 25 and children under 17 years - 10 UAH..);
• The Poltava Museum of Local History (general and pension - 10 USD, students and pupils - 5 UAH..);
• Sadiba Museo Ivan Kotlyarevsky (general and pension - 10 USD, students and pupils -. 5 UAH.).

You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website site

A detailed description of the excursion objects

Birch Rudka.

"If we meet again," I wrote this poem in love with the mistress of the estate Shevchenko Anna Zakrevskii. The Birch Rudki preserved palatsovo park complex, which is a typical example of a lordly estate of XVIII century. The complex consists of the palace Zakrevskii (1838r.) And 45 hectares of parkland. Also in the village is one of the three pyramids in Europe - the family tomb Zakrevskii (1899r.), Which has a height of 9 meters and is built from authentic material.


The spiritual capital of Poltava invites the Holy Transfiguration Monastery, which was founded in 1619r. The pearl of the monastery is the Transfiguration Cathedral (1692r.) From the majestic belfry (1785r.). The monastery once visited almost all the hetman of Ukraine, there was all the classics of Ukrainian literature of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Now revived shrine waiting on you.


"... The road, ten miles to the little town of boiled shirt people, who hurried from all surrounding and distant farms to the fair ..." as Nikolai Gogol wrote. At the moment, the National Sorochintsy Fair - an annual theatrical trade action, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people from Ukraine and the world. Kindly invited to the fair and your family and friends, fun get both gourmets and music lovers.

Also noisy fair in Sorochintsy is a masterpiece of Ukrainian sacral building Transfiguration Church (1732-1734r.), Built in the style of the Cossack Baroque means for native village of Hetman Danylo Apostol. In the church is preserved a unique seven-tier wooden carved iconostasis width of 22 meters, a height of 17 meters, which consists of more than a hundred icons.

In Gogol's admirers expect in the literary-memorial museum, which is located on the site of the manor in which the writer was born.


It is a large family estate of the writer, where he spent his childhood and teenage years, he often came here for life. Currently, the estate Gogol-Yanovsky open State Museum M. Gogol, in which the parents' house, outbuilding, beautiful park with a gazebo and grotto.


Pottery Capital of Ukraine, which for the past three thousand years developing this craft. At the moment, there is created the National Museum of Ukrainian pottery, which is a museum of pottery, a set of provincial zemstvo pottery, museums and manor A. Selyuchenko Poshivaylo family of potters, pottery gallery in the open air.

Oposhnya is the highest settlement in the Poltava region, on the territory of the settlement are the unique attractions of archeology: numerous mounds, places of ancient shrines, Scythian mound Scythian settlement "Kardash shaft" settlement Romny culture, Cossack medieval town with fortifications and branched system of underground tunnels.
Visiting Opishne - a wonderful occasion to buy ceramic souvenirs.


Legendary village in the Poltava region, which to this day has a classic Nicholas Church tomb Kochubeev (1794r.), The Church of the Holy Trinity (1780r.), Behind the legend is in it Vakula painted devil. Also interesting is the triumphal arch (1820r.) Built in honor of the Emperor Alexander I. An interesting visit there is also a monument to the installation of the BM-13, established in honor of the first shot of the glorious "Katyusha" on the territory of Ukraine.
Also take advantage of the opportunity and pritrontes to each of the four giant oaks, which are 600-800 years old and a height of 20-22 meters, they say so you can learn the strength and longevity. It is from them behind the legend secretly met with beauty Motrya Hetman Ivan Mazepa.


Chronicled Ltava, preserved for us a huge number of attractions archeology and architecture. Among them, the most striking is a unique world-renowned ensemble of the Round Square (1805-1811r.) Shell-park and office buildings of the city.

Be sure to visit the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Flight of the Battle of Poltava," in its territory have been battles in XIV-XX century., That changed the course of history in many countries in the Euro-Asian continent.
Raisins city is the Poltava Regional Museum, the former home of the provincial zemstvos (1903-1908r.), In the construction and decoration of which were used traditional motifs of Ukrainian wooden architecture.
Inspect the wonderful panorama of Poltava can chronicle of Ivanova mountains, where at the moment are renewed Assumption Cathedral with belfry, the estate of Ivan Kotlyarevsky and a favorite photograph place - a monument dumplings.

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