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Apartments booking:
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Cruise on Kamianets-Podilskyi

Dates visits: Scheduled.

Time: 2 days / 1 night.

travel plan:

• 1 day (Saturday): departure from Lviv (8:00)
- Kryvche (review caves Crystal)
- Hawtin (lunch and tour of the castle) - Kamenetz-Podolsky (settlement at 21:30).

• Day 2 (Sunday): Kamenetz-Podolsk (tour and lunch) - cruise ship canyon Dniester - Lviv (return at 22:30).

A detailed description of the excursion objects:


The walls of the endless mazes of the cave are covered with colorful Crystal gypsum crystals that dazzle with its brilliance and a desire to stay here forever. In the cave you will see: buffalo head, snake, drum, bed caveman and pass the places where he lived the owner of the cave and beautiful Natalia. Crystal - the most studied cave Ternopil, length of tour route of several kilometers and the total length of its labyrinths of 22 km, they have been washed in a plaster thickness of 14 million years in the cave is always the same temperature of 12 degrees..


My favorite of tourists and filmmakers impregnable Khotyn fortress (XIII-XX centuries.), Still affects 40-meter high walls, 65 meter well and wonderful views of the Dniester. The fortress played an important role in the lives of many creators of history, it will be remembered, and to you, if at least once visited here.


Fantastic city, which belongs to the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to the picturesque canyon of the river Smotrych and huge concentration of architectural landmarks. Kamenetz is recognized as one of the Wonders of Ukraine and is the third of the number of sites in Ukraine.

On await you:

old fortress (XIII-XVIII cent.), Catedralny Church of Peter and Paul (XVI cent.) next to which is a minaret with a statue of the Virgin Mary, the oldest town hall in Ukraine (XV cent.), walk the streets of the old town, where you can enjoy the beauty which harmoniously created by nature and man.

Cruise on the Dniester.

We offer you a unique opportunity to make a cruise on the boat in the most picturesque corners of the Dniester River. The path will run along the National Reserve "Podil's'ki Tovtry", and you will expect fabulous cliffs, unusual nature, the blue expanse of the Dniester water.

This trip will be remembered forever, we partially photos tour presented on our site, and you'll want again and again to come back.

You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website site

No tax - 330 UAH / person..

The price includes: transportation by comfortable bus euroclass, maintenance-speaking guide, excursions to museums, accommodation, travel insurance.

Additional charges: tickets to the museums and nutrition.

Admission: Cave Crystal (adults and students - 20 UAH, children - 10 UAH.), Khotyn Fortress (adults - 20 UAH, students and children - 10 UAH.), A cruise on the ship through the canyon Dniester (adults - 50 UAH, children up to 15 years - 30 UAH), Kamyanetskaya fortress (adults - 20 UAH, students and children - 10 UAH).

Accommodation: Hotel "7 days" in Kamenetz-Podolsk. Comfortable 2-bed rooms with private facilities.

Meals: Breakfast on Sat - cafe "Stop" in s. Lake, lunch on Sat - Bessarabian dishes of national cuisine in the restaurant of Hawtin, dinner on Sat and Sun Breakfast - hotel, dinner at Su - Podolsk dishes of national cuisine in the restaurant of Kamenetz-Podolsk, dinner Mon - cafe "Stop" in a. Black-headed.

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