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7 German colonies, excursion

Date: Sunday.

travel plan: departure from Lviv (08:00) - Einsiedel "Lonely" (a review of the former German house of prayer, cemeteries and the well)
- Falkenstein "Sokolivka" (review of the former German School, the German People's House, and the cemetery)
- Rosenberg "Schirets" (review of the German housing development, the well and the cemetery) - Dornfeld "Ternopollya" (review shkolkogo museum, the former German national houses, mills and lunch)
- Lindenfeld "Lipivka" (review of the German housing development) - Reichenbach "handsome" (a review of the former German cemetery and a monument to the Ukrainian-German friendship)
- Neu-chrusno "Horosno new" (an overview of the German housing development and cemeteries) - lock connector into Vinnichka (if enough time) - Lviv (return at 20:00).

During the review except where travel, home to the Germans, you will get answers to questions such as:

- What are the relations between the settlers and the indigenous population?
- How are large-scale colonization activities in Galicia and why they hooked up for the most part of German subjects of the Austrian Empire?
- What is the fate of settlement by the end of the XVIII, - at the beginning of XIHst., After the death of the empire, when the Polish authorities, during the Second World War (the relocation of Galicia in the winter 1939 - 40g., Settlement in central Poland today, escape to the Soviet army ), the situation after the war, and their present state?


Soils German colonies to be inspected during the journey, belonged to the Commonwealth Things t.zv. Schiretskogo key ( «Szczerzecer Schlssel").

In the second half of 1780. 7 novozalozhenyh villages populated exclusively Catholic Germans (not Roman Catholics), mainly Lutherans (Protestants), as well as the first and only time in the history of the Austrian government colonization activities - Mennonites. The largest colony in the geographical center was Dornfeld, where there was a parish and first single house of prayer (later Lutheran Church). From the German point of view, these colonies was named accordingly "Dornfeldskaya parish» ( «Dornfelder Pfarrsprengel»).

Who wishes to visit on this tour will always be able to stay in Lviv before the trip, Arendaplyus site will provide you with apartments in Lviv for daily rent

ATTENTION! Tours are German colonies researcher, doctoral, geographer Hans Christian Heinz (Hans Christian Heinz), which for the past 20 years investigating this issue.

Price of the tour - 200 UAH.

The price includes: transportation by comfortable bus, escort-speaking guide, excursions to museums, travel insurance.

Extra charge: entry tickets to museums and meals.

Admission: guided tours in the $ 0.

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