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The Hops House of Robert Doms in Lviv

The abundance of Lviv breweries is impressive. You can endlessly walk around the pubs, bars and restaurants of Lviv - where various types of beer are brewed and consumed. There are so many of them that it simply makes no sense to list. I would like to stop on the basis of brewing in Lviv.

If you look into the distant past, beer began to be produced in the Shumen kingdom 5 thousand years ago.
Then in Babylon, Asiria and in ancient Egypt - 2400 BC.
They drank beer through a straw so that grain does not get into it, now some women also like to drink beer through a straw - perhaps more buzz.

Beer was called the Latin word "biber" - a drink. The word "beer" from the word "drink" and perhaps because it is used so much.

Only in the 9-10th century does beer appear with us. The influence on the appearance of beer in the city of Leo was played by the Lviv Batyars (tomboys, hooligans). They used the word "galba" - kitchen. It was in the kitchens - wooden mugs, they poured beer.

In the mid-80s of the twentieth century in the basement of the Lviv brewery opened the restaurant "Golden Ear". For beer lovers - a favorite place, but in the middle of the 90s of the XX century it was closed. Only in 2007 the “Robert Doms Brewing House” opens and here they say “any and every beer” and very tasty: Robert Doms Vidensky, Bohemian, old Doms, Dunkel, Munich, platinum, silver, gold and others.

This beer can be tasted in the institution. It is huge, with an old-fashioned interior. Four large halls, three are museum exhibits and shows the sequence of beer production - very interesting. The fourth large and beautiful is designed for sampling beer of any sort. For 95 hryvnia you can order a set of different beer and choose the taste of which you liked the most. Pleasant atmosphere contributes to a pleasant pastime.

Many tourists do not even know about such a beer museum, mainly those who come to Lviv for a day or two. We recommend renting an apartment in Lviv for several days and at least partially get acquainted with Lviv.

Continuing the topic about beer, we recommend:

Address: 32 Rinok square, Lviv

The Pravda beer theater is a real beer theater - a real brewery. Here you can see how in Pravda they brew their beer under the guidance of brewers from Belgium and America. Other brewers make separate brews.

Now it’s fashionable and tasty to drink ale, craft beer. In Pravda
brew: light ale Putin Putin Huilo, light Frau Ribbentrop, Obama Hoped, Holy, Strength, dubbing Spring, dark ale Kvitka and much more.

Interesting address: st. Drukarska 3

“Post on Drukarskaya”, a place where a lot of craft beer is sold, the choice is excellent. The prices are different, but quite reasonable.

The favorite place of the "golden youth" - mostly programmers and other non-poor people fell in love with Choven -
address: st. Virmenska, 33

Pivbar "Choven" - opened at the end of 2015. The bar has 16 taps with Ukrainian beer. Here varieties Lisopylka and Syndicate beer, Collider Brewery, White Rabbit and much more quickly appear. All in all, this is a true craft paradise.

If you are lovers of beer, good beer then you are in Lviv. A huge amount of different and high-quality beer will be provided for you.

Do not forget to use the services of Arendaplus, we will provide you with quality housing.

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