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Apartments booking:
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Lviv a city of students

In Lviv people come not only to visit the various museums, attractions and tours.

Here constantly come students to make an education, because Lviv is not just a tourist town, but it can be called a city of students. In Lviv there are really lots of students, it's not only people from different cities of Ukraine, but among them you can see a lot of foreigners. They are attracted by the relatively low cost of training at a high level of education.

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The largest number of foreigners studying at Lviv Medical University named after Danylo Galitsky.

This university has a very ancient history. Educational and scientific achievements of faculty members, as well as its graduates are annually presented at international and national educational, medical, pharmaceutical exhibitions, where awarded with medals, diplomas and other awards. Therefore, studying in Lviv Medical University has always been prestigious, and its graduates are valued as good professionals, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Good philological education can be obtained in one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe and the oldest in Ukraine - Lviv Franko University. Here you can learn how to be a philologist, historian, sociologist, psychologist, cultural, philosopher, critic, actor, theater critic, physics, mathematics, biology, chemist, lawyer, and journalist.

No less prestigious education in the oldest technical university in Ukraine - Lviv Polytechnic University. It consists of two high schools, several sports camps for students, Institute of Postgraduate Education, the publishing house, several research institutions and libraries.

Apart from the aforementioned university in Lviv, there is lots of other equally good education.

It is Typography Academy, Institute of Physical Education and Health, the Institute of Internal Affairs, the Academy of Arts, European University, and all this makes our city so attractive for young people and students.

In the center of Lviv, at Rynok Square, where you can rent an apartment rent an apartment lviv center with the help of our site arendaplus every weekend occur any festivals or events, and a large number of visitors - students and young people.

The city often carry out various quests give street performances, open more cinemas and theaters.

Lviv students are very active, friendly, talented and hard-working. Many of our graduates find challenging work in the capital of Ukraine or abroad. Permanent international student exchange program, which was attended by our youth.

Therefore we can say that education in our city is really high quality and at a high level.

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