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Fashion Week in Lviv

Are you always following the latest in fashion season? Are your favorite magazines, TV shows and movies about famous designers? Do you like not only a beautiful, high-quality and comfortable clothing, but you always pick it with taste and style? Then surely you - a real mod or fashionista, and you will in any case not miss Fashion Week, which will take place from 29 October to 1 November in Lviv.

Every year in Lviv Fashion Week you can meet a lot of designers and style lovers from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Armenia and other countries. One of the main ideas of the creation of the festival - a development of Lviv not only as a tourist city, but also as one of the fashion centers in Europe.

Today, the festival organizers managed to achieve a lot in this regard, because Lviv festival is annually visited by more than 12,000 fashionistas from all over the world. Besides, Lviv Fashion Week has always supported the young talents, who are given a chance to show themselves and their creativity.

This season, your attention will be presented not only fashion shows from the top designers, but also various lectures, entrance to many of them will be free.

Most, for example, remember the lecture of the world famous fashion marketer Giovanni Fontana, that Italian fashion designer was reading in the previous fashion week last year. This season, Giovanni will visit Lviv Fashion Week again with his new lecture about the street-style clothing, it will be possible to listen in the "Opera Passage".

In addition to lectures on the Fashion Week will be the presentation of the book Zenovia Tkano "Fashion in Ukraine of the 20th century", and the presentation of the new perfume from the famous Ukrainian designer Lesia Semi. Ukrainian brand Lesia Semi has existed since 2014, and in such a short period of time, this team has presented their collections not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland and in France.

During fashion week in Paris Lesia Semi presented a collection of women's clothing ready-to-wear, as well as spirits and attractive accessories. Leading fashion experts in one voice say that this young brand can be a great future in the world of style and fashion.

Fashion shows at Lviv Fashion Week 2015 will be held at the Lviv airport. Lectures, meetings with designers and many other presentations in a hotel "Astoria", that is located on the street Gorodotska, in the shopping gallery "Opera Passage" on Liberty Avenue in the heart of the city, in a hotel «George» and cafe "Gloria" at Mickiewicz square.

So if you want to take a part of all of these events, the most convenient option for you would be to apartments center of Lviv, on one of the above listed streets. The best apartments in Lviv you can find on our website Arendaplus.

Another interesting contest - an annual competition of young designers “Sabotage”. It is attended by little-known young designers whose work the jury looks for a few weeks before the opening of the Fashion Week, and selects the ten best. They are entitled to show their collection at Lviv Fashion Week.

And of course, in addition to young talents in the fashion week, you will see the work of famous designers like Oksana Piekna, Roksolana Bogutska, Nikonova, Oksana Mukha, Kateryna Karol, Lidiya Yanitska. If you have visited their shows, you will not be disappointed, but rather the contrary again surprised at how beautiful, fantastic, amazing and wonderful can be this world - a world of style, color and fashion.

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