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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Skhidnytsia, Carpathian health resort

Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains can be called a real mecca of healthy living. The clean mountain air, green forests and scents of wild herbs and ancient mineral water springs - all contribute to the qualitative improvement of health.

Do you still doubt? Then look for the locals, many of whom in their 70 years have a look like they are 50, and it is no exaggeration. These hutsuls (namely the so-called people who live in the Carpathian Mountains) has always been famous for their health since ancient times. And yet, such a word as "hospital" they use in their lexicon extremely rare.

Our site Arendaplus that has good recommendations from visitors and Realtors from all over Ukraine, offers you a holiday in Skhidnytsia - comely village in the Carpathian Mountains, which is famous for its unique mineral waters, clean air and responsive people.

If you want to improve your health in the fresh air, try the natural products from the rest of the city in an environmentally clean place, then you can choose the rest in Skhidnytsia.

Website Arendaplus help you to rent a house in Skhidnytsia apartments, from decent people for the best price.

beautiful Skhodnitsa, houses by the dayhouses in Skhidnitsa

A few words about the village. It is an ancient settlement, which was first mentioned in chronicles in the early 14th century. If you believe the old legend, this place was first a village called Golden Room, which was destroyed during a routine raid of Tatars. Those residents who survived after the raid began again converge back to their homeland. Hence the name of the village - Skhidnytsia.

Skhidnytsia first became famous for that here have found a lot of oil, and then there is also found ozokerite. Still, the greatest popularity of the village brought mineral water Naphtusia, which was opened in 1976. In the same year Skhidnytsia recognized the All-Union health resort here, and started to gather people from all over the former Soviet Union, to drink some water and medical healthier.

What is so useful for this mineral water lapped? First, having the appropriate treatment Naphtusia, you can cure kidney and liver, salt diathesis, low and high acidity of the stomach, diabetes and many other diseases.

All this is proved not only by experienced doctors, but many patients who shared their impressions about the results of the treatment of a number of sites on the village Skhidnytsia. If you are not particularly sick, you can still drink some water a little for prevention, general health purposes.

Since ancient village itself, if you have already arrived in Skhidnytsia, you should visit the museum room of O.Stotski, who has discovered a mineral water, which is on the territory of the sanatorium "Carpathians".

Very beautiful ancient church of St. Nicholas (1695) in the village of New Wren near Skhidnytsia, as well as historical and cultural reserve in the village Urych and near Urych Tustan fortress.

Just remember, once decide to visit all the interesting places, better to book your apartment or house in Skhidnytsia not to spend time on it already in place, and rest easy with family or friends in nature. Come to us.

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