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Apartments booking:
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Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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Potocki Palace, Lviv

The holiday of cheese and wine in Lviv, from October 19-22, 2018, started 9 times on the territory of the Potocki Palace, Copernicus Street, 17.
Before this significant event in the city of mass media, various travel agencies widely advertised this event attracting a lot of tourists to Lviv.
Indeed, even over a month, intensive booking of accommodation began in Lviv.
Arendaplus also received many applications for renting apartments in Lviv during the holiday period. We will not hide, Lviv apartments for rent was problematic, prices have risen and wanting there were many.
The organizers of the cheese and wine festival tried to invite to Lviv many winemakers and cheese makers from all regions of Ukraine. Around the Potocki Palace are tents with a variety of cheeses and wine.
The site arendaplus visited the holiday, really appreciated all the positive and negative.
Entrance fees cost 100 UAH. (the price included a mug or a glass for wine tasting at the feast), after use there was an opportunity to return purchased goods for 30 UAH.
An abundance of cheese, wine, various types of meat surpassed all expectations.
Almost everywhere poured and treated their creations to the specialists of their craft.
Prices for winemakers, cheesemakers and meat producers were not space, but not cheaper than restaurant ones.
Cheese cost from 23-25 ??UAH. per 100 grams of wine and liqueur from 140 UAH. for 330 grams. Meat products - 35 UAH. per 100 grams of homemade sausage, 50 UAH. per 100 grams of meat. It turns out that not everyone could buy Ukrainian cheeses, wines, and other organic products.
In addition to saturating your body, you could paint a picture with wine, shades of red, pink inspired artists to embody the interesting.
The holiday of cheese and wine coincided with the celebration of the Day of cheesecakes. The traditional, huge, delicious cheesecake was waiting for the guests of the holiday.
Tried almost everything. I would especially like to mention the Lviv workshop of pasties, the prices are real and the quality is good. An art space was created for guests of the cheese and wine festival, where guests could relax with a group of friends and like-minded people.
Children had the opportunity to play primitive games from the Polish theater Wagabunda, try baking, knock on the drum set and much more.
In general, the organizers have tried and the guests of Lviv will long remember the holiday of cheese and wine in Lviv.

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