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Apartments booking:
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(063) 31-403-23 | (095) 176-95-85
Calls from 8:00 to 22:00 work days

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#811 - Beregovo, Zakarp. region (Vacant)

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Beregovo - in Ukrainian Beregove and Beregszasz in Hungarian this is a small city in the Transcarpathian region, the administrative center and center of Hungarian culture in Transcarpathia. In the vicinity of the city there are low mountains, planted vineyards. There are not a lot of the forests in the vicinity of this region; it is mostly occupied by the plain farmland. The main thing it is grapes, cereals, potatoes, sunflowers, corn, fruit. Beregovo is well known for its excellent wine and winemakers. Also it is famous for the unique thermal curative waters of high mineralization. At this stage of town development thermal springs attract a lot of tourists here from all over Ukraine and from abroad. Several wells are investigated. One organization of this wells named “Lark-Pachirta" received special permission for use of mineral resources and built a health pool gated European level. When developing the health center there was built also a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and massage rooms. Naturally complex equipped additionally a cozy cafe where you can drink coffee, a variety of drinks. The main pool water temperature - 31-33 degrees, jetted tubs, two waterfalls and a geyser. Separately, in a corner of the pool, equipped with the type of whirlpool, the water temperature is 42-45 degrees. Mineral water perfectly cleans the pores of the skin, it promotes healing of minor wounds. In 2012 there was opened a beach in the open air. There are two separately swimming polls, thermal mineral water is supplied to the both. The first is made specifically for children, in the second depth is greater, there is also an artificial waterfall. In the central part of the city there are many cafes and restaurants, the majority of middle-level, but there is a cafe in which prepare coffee and other drinks by European standards, and their visit leaves pleasant memories. Near the main square is a chaotic industrial and food market in the style of gipsy camp. At first time it is difficult to determine where to go to buy something that you came for, but there is a tasting room "Chizay" which offers a variety of wines to taste and to buy.

Аренда квартир Львов Beregovo, Zakarp. reg.
№561 Beregovo, Zakarp. reg.(Vacant)
Rooms: 2| Persons: 8| Floor: 0
Аренда квартир Львов Beregovo, Transcarpathia.
№99 Beregovo, Transcarpathia.(Vacant)
Rooms: 2| Persons: 5| Floor: 0
Аренда квартир Львов Beregovo, Zakarp. region
№806 Beregovo, Zakarp. region(Vacant)
Rooms: 10| Persons: 33| Floor: 1
Аренда квартир Львов Berehove, Zakarp. reg.
№911 Berehove, Zakarp. reg.(Vacant)
Rooms: 7| Persons: 6| Floor: 0


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