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Apartments booking:
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Lviv Lviv region

We invite you to explore the most popular tourist route in Ukraine, during the excursion it will be possible to explore 3 best ukrainian castles: Oleskyi, Pidhoretskyi, Zolochevskyi.
Description of objects:
Every ukrainian has to visit the museum-reserve of XIV-XVIII cent. "Oleskyi castle". The castle on the hill is one of the oldest castles on ukrainian lands (1390), its exposition recreates the atmosphere of cultural and artistic life of the past centuries, the castle is famous for one of the greatest in Europe wooden sculpture collection, including Ioann Georgiy Pinzel. At night, the souls of the enamored Adam Zholkevskyi and the daughter of the castle owner Martsianna wander around the castle. The decoration of Olesko are also the Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Antony (1739) and the gothic church of the Holy Trinity (1545).
Pidhirtsi and Plisnetsk.
Pidhoretsky castle of Kontsepolski with a park (1635) was once considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, and it is one of the best examples of a combination of a Renaissance palace with bastion fortifications. The decoration of Podgortsy is also a lot decorated St. Joseph's church (1763) and Chin Vasiliy Bolshoy's monastery (1706). The ancient settlement Plisnetsk (1188), which was one of the biggest cities of that time in Europe and occupied more than 160 acres, impresses with its size. The complex, which includes the ancient city of Plisnetsk with the monastery premises, the castle in Pidhirtsi with a church, an inn-stop, a park and a brewery of XVIII cent., do not have analogues in Ukraine.
An extremely rich with attractions city of Westsern Ukraine, the decoration of which is the Zolochiv castle (1634) with a chinese palace (on of three in Europe). The great interest is caused by the mysterious stones of the Templars with two chaplets, which make the secret dreams come true. In Zolochiv is also possible to explore the defence yard-arsenal (XIV cent.), St. Nickolas' Church (XXVI cent.), and Resurrection of our Lord Church (1624), as well as the Ascension of the Lord Church (1731).
The PRICE of the excursion is 150 UAH.
The price includes: comfortable bus transportation, guide accompaniment, excursions to museums.
Additional payments: entrance tickets to the museums and food. Date of conduction: every day. Departure from Lviv: 10:00. Return to Lviv: 18:00.
You can always see excursions we can offer you. Check the schedule liked the tour, you can always contact us by phone specified on the website Online

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